Friday, September 16, 2011

Repost : Crazy blogger with an ego problem

 Due to popularity of this one single post I will re-post it again ^^.  Since I was notified via PM on XS forum about the lies and crap he is writing about me and others,I will be re-posting the truth about this guy. "The blogger with mental disorder" will be exposed again,and again if needed  Enjoy :).

Many of you have already heard about the notorious blogger from Czech republic. A guy that goes by the username "OBR". Well in his latest posts he went completely overboard with insults and bad mouthing,insulting groups of internet forum users,accusing many folks of lying(mostly AMD's people),some guys that he even personally knows, AMD's PR department,AMD's John Fruehe - the guy that stands behind the server division and posts occasionally on the tech forums, etc.

Now some forum posters found this very amusing ,especially knowing that OBR himself admitted he lied and purposely faked Zambezi results  and fed the fake results to many IT websites.They all took the results seriously and posted them citing "genuine sources". Then the FUD train started to roll and we have what we can call today a mess. This guy is a pure hypocrite.
A picture is worth a thousand words:

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