Friday, September 9, 2011

Bulldozer in October;new leaks point to grim performance picture

Last week or so has been full of Bulldozer news. It started shipping(finally!) in server segment and we have a confirmation that desktop launch is in Q4,presumably mid October.

We have a few more leaks,none of which point in good direction(performance wise). Whether or not the leaks are genuine and the platform is final, to me it looks like Bulldozer will have a tough time against even previous X6 cores in desktop space. Not only the integer performance is abysmal ,fp/SIMD looks to be equally bad. There still is some hope that things can get better with B2G or whatever the launch stepping will be,but I'm now pessimistic when it comes to Zambezi and its desktop performance. Zambezi X8 @ 2.8Ghz base and 4Ghz Turbo cannot beat X6 1100T @ default (with its own Turbo). This is what some leaks are showing and some guys in the know kinda confirm. The level of performance of FX8150 will then be slightly below 2500K (without SMT,just plain QC Sandy bridge with 4 threads). In single thread workloads even Thuban @ 3.7Ghz(turbo) may end up being faster . I don't know if this is a design decision or some problem in the design,but performance picture does look grim. 6-7 years of development and a lot of R&D money invested and we get something like this?

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