Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zambezi launched. 2 words : hot and slow .

How else to describe AMD's latest "high-end" desktop CPU? Well 2 words are enough : hot and slow. Nuff said. You can find reviews via google,best one is definitely lost circuits one:

I'm going to quote the LS author MS since he summed it up great:

Final Thoughts
Bulldozer has been in the works for so long that I don’t even remember when was the first time I heard about it. The concept, at first somewhat odd, gradually started making sense but sometimes these things happen by assimilation. Or, too many geeks who are “in the know” really knew that this was not only a great but a grand design. And who was I to doubt them?
Still, all things considered, there was still more than a shadow of a doubt. Especially when Intel re-introduced HyperThreading and got enormous mileage out of it – for the cost of essentially nothing in terms of real estate which directly translates into cost per die. But we were told over and again that none of this would make sense in light of the analyses performed by AMD’s engineering team. And now we are supposed to believe that Zambezi was designed as a direct competition to the Core i5. That was not a question but a statement.
Of course, this begs the old question, how predictable is performance on a new design? Apparently, it is hit and miss and in so far, my argument still stands, even if it is against the personal religion of some of the decision makers at AMD. This is at the end of a frustrating week, trying to find that one application that would justify buying an FX processor.
 Good luck AMD,you are going to need it :( .

Now a bit of fun :) (found it on amdzone) :

so this loader gets stuck, then other dozer comes to help, then he gets stuck coming out, so another dozer comes over and pushes him out ,hen gets stuck himself and in-turn pushed out by the cat dozer (first dozer stuck. see a trend? i got fed up so, i go swimming for the winch cable (it was under over 2ft of mud and water) and pull it out with my work truck. done.

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