Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011/2012 Clash of the CPU Titans : SB,SB-E,Zambezi,Komodo

Update: some new leaks have occurred on,so I have included them just for fun.New leaked clock speeds are a bit unrealistic IMO.

Since I've already speculated enough about Zambezi,why not make a small table with my estimates for desktop performance that we can expect from intel and AMD's chips in 2011/2012.
We have quite a few contenders:Nehalem 4C,Westmere 6C,Sandy Bridge 4C,Sandy Bridge E (6C and maybe 8C),Zambezi 8C/6C and Komodo 10C. Some of these are available now,some will be soon and some will be available in Q1 2012.
Points in the chart are based on testing results and are consistent across few generations of the chips.

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Some of the CPUs are not on public roadmaps ,like 2800K ,Zambezi 8170(3.8Ghz?) and 8C SB-E for desktop.I still included these since they may launch eventually.
As can be seen,I expect pretty even fight in desktop segment with intel having a slight lead with SB-E until Komodo launches. In mainstream and performance segments,Zambezi 8C/6C and SandyBridge will be logical choices while Westmere 6C is going to be too much pricey for what it offers.

On we have 3 new leaked images of what is supposed to be AMD's  Zambezi roadmap  all with clockspeeds,stepping info and time-to market .Take with salt of course.

If these turn out to be real(highly unlikely), corrected numbers for Zambezi in the estimated performance chart above are :
8C models - Zambezi 8C 8100 3.5/4Ghz 220pts, Zambezi 8C 8110 3.6/4Ghz 223pts ,Zambezi 8C 8120  3.7/4.2Ghz 232pts, Zambezi 8C 8130P 3.8/4.2Ghz 235pts ,Zambezi 8C 8150P 4/4.5GHz 249pts ,Zambezi 8C 8170P 4.2/4.7Ghz 261pts . Models in red will launch in Q3.

6C models- no data on clock speed
4C models- no data on clock speed

If somehow AMD manages to pull off these frequencies for base and Turbo then not only Bulldozer will be impressive ,the wait for it(with all the delays) will be well worth it.It will be the top performance chip,beating even SB-E cores,Komodo will not be needed for this feat.But ONLY if the sky high clocks are correct,which is not very likely to happen.

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