Monday, June 13, 2011

Llano Vs SB (in progress)

Update: I'm waiting on complete AT review(still in preview stage). He did retest the A8 with 1600 and 1866MHz RAM and it made some massive difference. On the CPU side Llano is around 3-8% faster than Deneb at the same clock,solid improvement but nothing spectacular.For a slightly tweaked shrink it is a good result on the CPU side. Turbo may be a bit of a let down since max. turbo states are rarely hit due to shared TDP in which the GPU part is prioritized over CPU cores.Top desktop part has no Turbo and works at fixed 2.9Ghz clock with power management p-states in between(800MHz-2.9GHz).

I'm making a chart that summarizes Llano's general performance Vs SandyBridge parts,stay tuned.

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